Be the Woman You were Born to Be with Guru Kaur

Health, Well-Being and Contentment in Oban

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kundalini Yoga with Guru Kaur

Oban, Scotland - 1st to 4th October 2015

Thursday, 1st October 6.30-9.30pm: Health & Vitality

Friday, 2nd October 5.30-8.30pm: Meditation

Saturday, 3rd October 5.30-8.30pm Candlelit Celebration

Sunday, 4th October 5.30-8.30pm Be the Woman (women only)

Sunday, 4th October 11am-2pmSunday Easdale Island Walk


Honoured as an Inspirational Teacher

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Guru Kaur Honoured in 2014 as an Inspirational Teacher

I feel deeply touched that The International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assocation in 2014 has honoured me as an Inspirational Teacher.  

  • her great knowledge, unique tapestry of skills and radiance
  • her excellent Be the Woman you were Born to Be course
  • her true understanding of life is inspirational
  • Guru Kaur is the teacher who leads by example. She inspires not only by teaching but also how she lives. She helps me to expand, set higher standards and live up to my potentials. For me she is The Teacher.
  • Guru Kaur strictly follows the teachings of Yogi Bhajan so her students can be confident that they are following his path. She is dedicated to teaching and recognises the uniqueness of every student supporting each in their individual needs.

In the words of Richard Burton, the traveller, explorer and author, it is honour...


Light Company

Monday, 03 November 2014

Millie-Pup being blessed on the Buddha Relics Tour, Lambeth 2014

Life comes in waves, with ups and downs, calms and exhilaration, the extraordinary and the mundane, hard work and coasting, and lots of different ports to find shelter, recuperation and the will to continue. And then life comes full circle, as it did this weekend.

Yesterday Nick and I took Millie-Pup to be blessed by the relics on the Buddha Relics Tour...


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