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Guru_Kaur_with_FennelGuru Kaur is renowned for giving very straight talking spiritual guidance in highly practical terms. Many lives have been changed by hers and her inspiration. 

Guru Kaur founded the Be the Woman You were Born to Be... online course and community in 2008 and is reaching women throughout the world in a way which means that, no matter what, they can have access wherever they are to the same level of teaching that she received.   In 2014 she was honoured by the International Kundalini  Yoga Teachers Association as an Inspirational Teacher.  

She is a highly respected teacher of Kundalini Yoga, choosing to live her life as a Sikh.  Guru Kaur and her cooking have been featured in The Guardian and Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

She was given the name "Guru Kaur" by her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who was a highly acclaimed and globally recognised teacher of the art and science of being human.

She was, many years ago now, employed in predominantly male professional environments as a Chartered Accountant and as something in the City, before living and working in rural India, and then going on to run her own clothing design business before now focussing on writing, cooking and teaching.

Those who know her are touched by her deep ability to connect, her outstanding sense of humour, her rugged determination, but most of all, by her attitude of non-compliance with the norm. Through trial and error, the teachings of her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, have proven themselves over and over again. Undoubtedly Kundalini Yoga and her daily sadhana practice are the backbone to her life.

She is married to the photographer , Nick Fleming (they've been together since they were 16). They live in London, UK with their soft, white and fluffy Bolognese named Millie-Pup in a spiritually orientated household, hosting acclaimed monthly open house High Teas and Full Moon Meditation and Celebration Dinners.  


Guru Kaur attends regular lessons in London as a beginner in the Japanese Art of the Way of Tea.  She is very creative not only in her outlook but in her expression: she loves painting in watercolour, sewing, knitting, cooking, not least making jam, biscuits and chocolates. You'll often find her and Millie-Pup walking or bicycling together along the river Thames or in the local Ecological Park.  Guru Kaur swims daily at The Circle Spa, shops at Borough Market, and enjoys her garden.  

This testimonial describes her most accurately:

"When I first met Guru Kaur I knew instantly that she was a totally unique person motivated by her love of life. She not only understands life itself but at a level of perception beyond the norm. She is naturally driven to help others by means of her knowledge and example.

She is young and British and has embraced the most valuable aspects of spiritual enlightenment and lifestyle from Eastern cultures. She is one of the most approachable, intelligent and open human beings I have ever met. Her advice, inner warmth and encouragement have already helped me to balance my own life, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.” Mary Poulter of


If you want to find out about how she became a Sikh then you can listen here to Guru Kaur when she was a guest on the BBC's Sonia Deol Show.  

Listen here to Guru Kaur speaking about True Leadership to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship Leadership Programme when she shares the story and lessons of her life.

You can learn more about Guru Kaur's story here.  

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