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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kundalini Yoga with Guru Kaur
Kundalini Yoga with Guru Kaur drawing by Ian Beck

Oban - 1st to 4th October 2015

Thursday, 1st October 6.30-9.30pm: Health & Vitality @ St John’s Catherdral Hall (entry behind Costers through children’s play park)
Friday, 2nd October 5.30-8.30pm: Meditation @ St John’s Catherdral Reception (entry via main door)
Saturday, 3rd October 5.30-8.30pm Candlelit Celebration @ St John’s Catherdral Reception (entry via main door)
Sunday, 4th October 5.30-8.30pm Be the Woman (women only) @ St John’s Catherdral Reception (entry via main door)

Each  workshop is £20 (no concesions).  Workshops with Guru Kaur are suitable for beginners as well as those who have attended other Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes or have their own regular Kundalini Yoga practice.   Please bring your own mat or sheepskin to sit on and arrive in good time.  Latecomers will not be admitted.

Sunday, 4th October 11am-2pmSunday Easdale Island Walk Meet at Ellenabiech to catch the ferry to Easedale.  We will then go for a walk for 45 minutes, before tea at the Puffer Inn to leave by 2pm to catch the ferry to Seil.If the weather is foul, we will walk and have tea in Oban – Dirk will have the details.

Dirk Campbell 07778322999

Feedback on Guru Kaur's recent Kundalini Yoga class:

I felt the gratitude in the air yesterday... A community spirit. Thank you for demanding only the highest, the best, the greatest in us! You said Keep Up! And we did... We really did... Too many teachers sell their students short... Pussy-foot around them... Help them with the excuses of why they can't do THIS or achieve THAT! Thank you for NOT being one of those teachers... You took us from great to magic... In gratitude...

Kundalini Yoga gives us altitude so we can take life in our stride, with awareness and gratitude. It is the Yoga of Awareness, an ancient, scientific technology brought to the West over 45 years ago by Yogi Bhajan.  This is an ancient practice well suited to the stresses and challenges of modern living. It combines postures, motion, breath, mantra and meditation to strengthen and lengthen the capacity of your mind, body and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga - The Union of Mind, Body and Spirit 

to create  health, happiness and success

The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to give you a personal experience of your highest consciousness.

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga come from centuries old yogi tradition.

It is a very complete science, and deals with the physical body, the triad of the mind-body-spirit, and with the subtle energies of the body, by using

  • breathing techniques,
  • postures (body positions),
  • mantras (sound vibrations),
  • mental focus and relaxation,
  • to provide a more healthy, happy and successful way of living for each person who practises it.

Kundalini Yoga may impact all aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual being.  It may promote a general sense of relaxation and well-being

  • by balancing the glandular system,
  • strengthening the nervous system,
  • promoting the better functioning of our bodily systems,
  • promoting emotional balance and enhanced intuition,
  • allowing us to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by thoughts and feelings,
  • helping to eliminate negative habit patterns,
  • and increasing our radiance and the impact we have on others.

All classes of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan have a similar structure.  We start by tuning in and some warm up exercises.  Then we do a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (series of postures), followed by a relaxation.  We conclude with a meditation  Music is an integral part of the class.

The information presented is intended for general knowledge and not as medical advice.  Please inform reception and the teacher if you have any medical condition and of any other relevant information.

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